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DANSE et sa VIDEO : Titre de chanson(interprèteoutback-booty-call.mp3 MP3 de la chanson 52-beers-ago-2.pdf PDF CHOREGRAPHIE


3DAYS ROAD (D)    3 Days Road(Wasboard Union)     Where the wind blows.mp33day road wasboard union    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf3days road

8 BALL (D) :  Outback booty call  (8 Ball Aitken)   outback-booty-call.mp3outback-booty-call.mp3    8-ball-3.pdf 8-ball-3.pdf

52 BEERS AGO (I): 52 beers ago (Toby Keith)   52-beers-ago.mp352-beers-ago.mp3   52-beers-ago-3.pdf 52-beers-ago-3.pdf

101 (D) : Thats what I get (BR 549)    outback-booty-call.mp3thats what i get.mp3     one-o-one-fr.pdf one-o-one-fr.pdf

1000 YEARS (D) : Love worth waiting for (Shakin Stevens)     outback-booty-call.mp3love-worth-waiting-for-1.mp3    1000-years.pdf 1000-years.pdf

AB WHIRL(D) : Help me make it through the night (Chris Christofferson)  outback-booty-call.mp3help-me-make-it-trough-the-night.mp3   ab-whirl.pdf ab-whirl.pdf

ACHY BREAKY HEART (I) : Achy breaky heart (Billy Ray Cyrus)    outback-booty-call.mp3achy-heart.mp3   achy-breaky-heart.pdf achy-breaky-heart.pdf

ALCOHOL (D) : Put some alcohol on it (Gord Bamford)   outback-booty-call.mp3alcohol.mp3   alcohol-1.pdf alcohol-1.pdf

ALIGATOR ROCK (I) : See later aligator (Bill Haley)    outback-booty-call.mp3see-you-later-aligator.mp3    alligator-rock-1.pdf alligator-rock-1.pdf

ALL SHOOK UP (I) : All Shook up (Elvis Presley)    outback-booty-call.mp3 all-shook-up.mp3    all-shook-up-1.pdf all-shook-up-1.pdf

ALL SUMMER LONG (DI)G : All summer long (Kid Rock)   outback-booty-call.mp3 all-summer-long.mp3     all-summer-long-1.pdf all-summer-long-1.pdf

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (D) : All you really need is love (Brad PAisley)   outback-booty-call.mp3 all-you-really-need-is-love.mp3   all-you-need-1.pdf all-you-need-1.pdf

AMERICAN KIDS(D)   American kids(Kenny Chesney)     Where the wind blows.mp3American kids    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfAmericain kids 

AMERICAN LAND (DI): American Land (Bruce Springsteen)  outback-booty-call.mp3american-land.mp3  american-land-1.pdf American land2

AMIGO (I) : Amigo (David Ball)   outback-booty-call.mp3amigo.mp3   amigo-1.pdf amigo-1.pdf

ANTHEM(N)     Where the wind blows.mp3Brett kissel anthem where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Anthem 2  ANTHEM (guylaine Bourdages) where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfAnthem pdf (guylaine Bourdages)

ANYHING GOES (D) : Why don't we just dance (Josh Turner)   outback-booty-call.mp3 why dont we just dance.mp3   anything-goes-1.pdf anything-goes-1.pdf

APACHE (I) : Apache (The Shadows)   outback-booty-call.mp3apache.mp3   apache-1.pdf apache-1.pdf   Chorée 2 Apache 2

ARKENSAS (Couple) : American Land (Bruce Springsteen)   outback-booty-call.mp3american-land.mp3   arkansas-mixer-1.pdf arkansas-mixer-1.pdf

ASKIN QUESTIONS (I) : Askin questions ( Brady Seals)   outback-booty-call.mp3askin-questions.mp3   askin-questions-1.pdf askin-questions-1.pdf

*BANJO (I)     Banjo (Rascal Flatts)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Banjo    home-to-louisiana.pdfBanjo

BARE ESSENTIALS (I) : Bare essentials (Lee Kernaghan)    outback-booty-call.mp3bare-essentials.mp3   bare-essentials.pdf bare-essentials.pdf

BARN DANCE (D) : Gone country (Alan Jackson)    outback-booty-call.mp3gone-country.mp3   westernbarndance.pdf westernbarndance.pdf

BEAUTIFUL DAY (D) : Beautiful day (Dave Sheriff)   outback-booty-call.mp3beautiful-day-mp3   beautiful-day.pdf beautiful-day.pdf

BEER FOR MY HORSES (I) : Beer for my horses (Toby keith)    outback-booty-call.mp3beer-for-my-horses.mp3   beer-for-my-horses.pdf beer-for-my-horses.pdf

BIG BLUE TREE (D)    Big Blue tree(Michael English)     Where the wind blows.mp3Big blue tree    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBig blue tree

BILLY DANCE (Couple) : San Francisco (Olsen Brothers)   outback-booty-call.mp3san-francisco.mp3    billy-dance.pdf billy-dance.pdf

BLACK COFFEE (D) : Black coffee (Lacy J Dalton)    outback-booty-call.mp3black-coffee.mp3    blackcoffee.pdf blackcoffee.pdf

BLUE NIGHT CHA (D) : Blue night ( Michael Learms)   outback-booty-call.mp3blue-night-cha.mp3    bluenightcha-1.pdf bluenightcha-1.pdf

BOBBIE SUE (D) : Bobbie Sue ( Oak Ridge boys) outback-booty-call.mp3VIDEO CONCERT  bobbie-sue.pdf bobbie-sue.pdf

BOUNTY    Bounty (Dean Brody)     Where the wind blows.mp3Bounty    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBounty PDF

BOOT SCOOT BOOGIE (D) : Boot scoot boogie ( Brooks and Dunn)   outback-booty-call.mp3boot-scoot-boogie.mp3  bootscootin-boogie.pdf bootscootin-boogie.pdf

BRING DOWN THE HOUSE  (D) Bring down the house (Dean Brody)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Bring down the house  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBring down the house

BRING ON THE GOOD TIMES(D)  Bring on the good times(Lisa Mc Hugh)   Where the wind blows.mp3bring on the good times where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBring good times

BROKEN HEART (I) : My next broken heart ( Brooks and Dunn)  outback-booty-call.mp3CLIP VIDEO    broken-heart.pdf broken-heart.pdf

BUCK IT (D) : That buckin  ( Robert Earl Keen)    outback-booty-call.mp3buck-it.mp3    buck-it.pdf buck-it.pdf

BURNING LOVE (I) : Burning love (Elvis Presley)   outback-booty-call.mp3burning-love.mp3   burning-love.pdf burning-love.pdf

CABO SAN LUCAS (DI) : Cabo san Lucas (Toby Keith)   cabo-san-lucas.mp3cabo-san-lucas.mp3   cabo-san-lucas.pdf cabo-san-lucas.pdf

CALIFORNIA BLUE (I) : California blue (Roy Orbison)    california-blue.mp3california-blue.mp3    california-blue.pdf california-blue.pdf

CANNIBAL STOMP (D) : Cannibals ( Mark Knopfler)    california-blue.mp3cannibals.mp3    cannibal-stomp.pdf cannibal-stomp.pdf

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (I) : Who's been sleeping in my bed (Glenn Frey)  california-blue.mp3who-s-been-sleeping-mp3   caught in the act.pdf caught in the act.pdf     

CELEBRITY (DI) : Celebrity (Brad Paidley)   celebrity.mp3 celebrity.mp3   celebrity.pdf celebrity.pdf  

CELTIC CONNECTION (I) : Letra a rock (Coyote Dax)    rock-on.mp3rock-on.mp3    celticconnection.pdf celticconnection.pdf

CHATAHOOCHIE (D) : Chatahoochie (Alan Jackson)    california-blue.mp3 chattaoochie.mp3    chattahoochee.pdf chattahoochee.pdf

CHAPELOISE (Couple) : American Land (Bruce Springsteen)   american-land-1.mp3american-land-1.mp3    la chapelloise.pdf la chapelloise.pdf

CHEYENNE (D) : Silver and gold (Dolly Parton)     california-blue.mp3silver-and-gold.mp3     cheyenne.pdf cheyenne.pdf

CHICA BOOM (D) : Boom boom goes my heart ( Alex Swings)   chica-boom-boom.mp3chica-boom-boom.mp3   chica-boum-boum.pdf chica-boum-boum.pdf

CHILL FACTOR (I) : Last night madison   chil-factor.mp3chil-factor.mp3   chill-factor.pdf chill-factor.pdf

CHOP (D)    Shut up and fish(Maddie & Tae)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Shut up and fish  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfChop

CITY OF NEW ORLEANS (DI) : City of new Orleans (Willie Nelson)    city-of-new-orlean.mp3city-of-new-orlean.mp3    city of new orleans.pdf city of new orleans.pdf

CLEAR ISABEL(D)  Clear Isabel( Aaron Watson)   Where the wind blows.mp3clear isabel where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfClear isabel

COTTON EYE JOE (Couple) : Cotton eye Joe (Rednex)     california-blue.mp3cotton-eyed-joe mp3     cotton-eye-joe.pdf cotton-eye-joe.pdf

COPPERHEAD ROAD (D) : Copperhead road ( Steve Earl)   copperhead-road mp3copperhead-road mp3   copperhead-road.pdf copperhead-road.pdf

COOLEYS REEL (DI) : Cooleys reel ( The Coors)   cooley-s-reel.mp3 cooley-s-reel.mp3   cooleys-reel.pdf cooleys-reel.pdf

CORN DONT GROW (DI) Where the corn don'tgrow (travis Tritt)     Where the wind blows.mp3Where the corn don t grow    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfCorn don t grow

COTTON PICKING MORNING (D) : Cotton pickin time ( Blake Shelton)    cotton-pickin-time.mp3cotton-pickin-time.mp3    cotton-pickin-morning.pdf cotton-pickin-morning.pdf

COUNTRY AS CAN BE (D) : Country as can be (Brady Seals)  country-as can be- .mp3 country-as can be- .mp3   country-as-can-be.pdf country-as-can-be.pdf

COUNTRY ROADS  TAKE ME HOME (DI) : Country roads (John Denver)  california-blue.mp3country-roads.mp3

COUNTRY ROADS 2 (I) : Country roads (Hermes House Band)    country-roads-.mp3country-roads-.mp3    country-roads.pdf country-roads.pdf

COUNTRY TWO STEP (I) : Fool heart memory (George Strait)  fool-hearted-memory.mp3fool-hearted-memory.mp3   country-2-step.pdf country-2-step.pdf

COUNTRY WALKING (D) : A fool such as I ( Elvis Presley)    california-blue.mp3a-fool-such-as-i.mp3    country-walking-pdf.pdf country-walking-pdf.pdf

COWBOY BOOGIE (D) : Thank god for the radio (Alan Jackson)  california-blue.mp3thank-god-for-the-radio.mp3   cowboy boogie.pdf cowboy boogie.pdf 

COWBOY CADILLAC : Cowboy cadillac (Gart Brooks)    california-blue.mp3cowboy-cadillac.mp3

COWBOY CHA CHA (D) : I want to dance with you (George Strait)    california-blue.mp3i-want-to-dance-with-you.mp3    cowboy cha cha.pdf cowboy cha cha.pdf

COWBOY CHARLESTON (D) : Oh Lonesome me ( Hank Williams)  california-blue.mp3 lonesome-me.mp3  cowboy charleston.pdf cowboy charleston.pdf

COWBOY MADE IN FRANCE (D) Cowboy made in france(Claudie Andréa  cowboy charleston.pdfCow boys made in france

COWBOY MADISON (D) : Cowboy made in France  california-blue.mp3  cowboy madison.pdf cowboy madison.pdf

COWBOY YODEL (DI) : Cowboy yoddle song ( Kiki Danielson) cowboy-yoddle-song-1.mp3cowboy-yoddle-song-1.mp3   cowboyyoddlesong.pdf cowboyyoddlesong.pdf

COWGIRLS (I)  I wanna be a farmer( Sunny Cowgirls)   Where the wind blows.mp3 I wanna be a farmer   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfCowgirls

CUCARRACHA (D) : All you ever do is bring me down (The Mavericks) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down   cucaracha.pdf cucaracha.pdf

DAMN (N)  Damn(Brett Kissel)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Damn mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDamnPDF

DANCE TO THE VIOLIN  (I)  Electric Daisy Violin (Lindsey Stirling) home-to-louisiana.mp3 Electric daisy violin   home-to-louisiana.pdfChoréPDF

DARLIN (Couple) : Darlin (Johnny Reid)  all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down darlin.mp3   darlin.pdf darlin.pdf

DAY OF DEAD(I)  Day of dead (Dave Bowen)   Where the wind blows.mp3Day of the dead  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDayofthedead

DECK 51 (I) : Flowers in the wall ( Eric Heatherly) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down flowers-on-the-wall.mp3 deck51.pdf deck51.pdf

DESIRABLE (D)  Everybody(Chris Janson)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Everybody  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDesirablePDF

DEVIL IN THE DISGUISE (I) : Devil in disguise (Elvis Presley) devil-in-disguise-mp3 devil-in-disguise-mp3  a-devil-in-disguise.pdf a-devil-in-disguise.pdf

DHSS (D) : Géronimo (The Shadows) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down geronimo.mp3 dhss.pdf dhss.pdf

DIANE(D)  Diane( Cam)   Where the wind blows.mp3Diane where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDiane

DIG YOUR HEELS(I)  Heres to you (Mc Clymonth)   Where the wind blows.mp3Here s to you  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDig your heels

DISAPPERAING TAIL LIGHTS  Disappearing tail lights (Gord Gamford)  home-to-louisiana.pdfDisappearing tail lights

DOCTOR DOCTOR (I): Bad case of loving you ( Robert Palmer) bad-case-of-loving-you.mp3 bad-case-of-loving-you.mp3 doctor-doctor.pdf doctor-doctor.pdf

DONT BE CRUEL (I) : Don't be cruel (Elvis Presley) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down don-t-be-cruel.mp3 don-t-be-cruel.pdf don-t-be-cruel.pdf

DOWN THE CORNER (I) : Down the corner (The Mavericks) down-on-the-corner.mp3 down-on-the-corner.mp3  downonthecorner.pdf downonthecorner.pdf 

DRIVEN (I) : Drive (Casey James)  driven.mp3 driven.mp3 driven-1.pdf driven-1.pdf

ELECTRIC SLIDE (D) : I like I love it (Tim Mc Graw)    driven.mp3 i-like-it-i-love-it.mp3    electric slide.pdf electric slide.pdf

ELT (D) : Every little thing (Carlene Carter)   driven.mp3every-litle-thing.mp3    elt.pdf elt.pdf

EVERYBODY KNOWS (D)    Everybodyknows(Dixie Chicks)     Where the wind blows.mp3Everybody knows   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfEverybody knows

FAIS DODO (I) : Fais dodo (Charlie Daniel's Band)  fais-dodo.mp3 fais-dodo.mp3  fais-dodo.pdffais-dodo.pdf

 *FAKE ID (A)  Fake ID (Big & Rich)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Fake id    home-to-louisiana.pdfFakeid 

FEEL LIKE ROCK N ROLL (DI) : Feel like rock'roll (Bouke)   feels-like-rock-n-roll.mp3 feels-like-rock-n-roll.mp3  feels-like-rock-n-roll.pdf feels-like-rock-n-roll.pdf

FIRESTORM (I) : Cajun Hoedown (Karen Mc Dawn)   firestorm.mp3 firestorm.mp3    firestorm-1.pdffirestorm-1.pdf

FOLSOM PRISON (DI) : Folsom prison Blues (Johnny Cash)   driven.mp3folsom-prison-blues.mp3   folson-prison-blues.pdffo lson-prison-blues.pdf

FOOTLOOSE (I) : Footloose (Blake Shelton)   driven.mp3footloose.mp3  footloose.pdf footloose.pdf                                       

FULL TILT BOOGIE : Mercury Blue (Alan Jacksn)   mercury-blues-mp3mercury-blues-mp3   full-tilt-boogie.pdf full-tilt-boogie.pdf

GALWAY GIRL (I) : Galway girl (Steve Earl)   galway-girl.mp3 galway-girl.mp3   galway-girls.pdf galway-girls.pdf

GEORGE STRAIT (N)  George Strait (Meghan Patrick)   Where the wind blows.mp3 George strait mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGeorge strait

GET READY(I)  Fishing in the dark (Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Fishing in the dark mp3  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf

GHOST TOWN (D)  Ghost town(Sam Outlaw)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Ghost town  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGhost townPDF

GIRLS GONE WILD (I) : Girls gone wild ( Travis tritt)    girls-gone wild.mp3girls-gone wild.mp3    girls-gone-wild-1.pdf girls-gone-wild-1.pdf

GOD BLESS TEXAS (D) : God bless Texas ( Little Texas)    driven.mp3god-blessed-texas.mp3   god-blessed-texas.pdf god-blessed-texas.pdf

GO FOR A WALK (A)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Walking on the waves  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGo for a walk style catalan line dance mag

GOLDEN RING (D)    Golden ring (Terri Clark Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Golden ring terri clark dierks bentley  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGolden wedding ring

GOOD ON YOU (D)    Good on you (Ward Thomas)     Where the wind blows.mp3  Good on you ward thomas good on you where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf

GOOD TIME (D) : Good time (Alan Jackson)    good-time.mp3good-time.mp3    good-time-alan-jackson.pdf good-time-alan-jackson.pdf

GOOD TIME GIRLS   Good time girls(Nathan carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3Good time girls mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf

GO SEVEN (D) : Return to sender (Elvis Presley)    driven.mp3return-to-sender.mp3 go-seven.pdf go-seven.pdf                                                

GRUNDY GALOP (D) : Yellow river ( Tonie Christie)  yellow-river.mp3 yellow-river.mp3  grundy-gallop.pdf grundy-gallop.pdf

GYPSY QUEEN (I)    Gypsy Queen(Chris Norman)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Chris norman gypsy queen  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGypsy queen

HALLELUYA (I) : Joy's gonna come in the morning (The Samaritains)   joys-gonna-come-on-the-morning.mp3 joys-gonna-come.mp3 hallelujah-m.pdf hallelujah-m.pdf

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY(D)    Soggy Bottom summer (Dean Brody)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Dean brody happy happy   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHappy happy happy

HEARTACHE (D) : It's a heartache (Bonnie Tyler)    its-a-heartache.mp3 its-a-heartache.mp3 heartache.pdf heartache.pdf

HEY BROTHER (I) : Hey Brother (Avicii)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 Video hey brother   home-to-louisiana.pdfHeybrother

HIT THE DIFF(D)  Hit the diff (Richie Remo)   Where the wind blows.mp3hit the diff   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHit the diffwhere-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHit the diffcatalan

HOME TO LOUISIANA (D) : Home to Louisiana ( Ann Tyler)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 home-to-louisiana.mp3  home-to-louisiana.pdf home-to-louisiana.pdf

HONEY I LOVE YOU : Honey I do(The rebels)  honey-i-love-u.mp3honey-i-love-u.mp3   honey-i-love-u.pdfhoney-i-love-u.pdf                                                          

HOT TAMALES (I) :  Country down to my soul ( Lee Roy Parnell)    driven.mp3country-down-to-my-soul.mp3    hot-tamales.pdf hot-tamales.pdf

HURRY UP AND SLOW DOWN (D) : Hurry up and slow down (Don Derby) hurry-up-slow-down.mp3hurry-up.mp3  hurry-up-slow-down-1.pdf hurry-up-slow-down-1.pdf

IN DREAMS (D) : In dreams (Roy Orbison)    honey-i-love-u.mp3in.dreams.mp3   in-dreams.pdf in-dreams.pdf                  

ITS A COUNTRY THING (I) : I'm from the country ( Tracy Bird)  honey-i-love-u.mp3 Im from the country.mp3  it-s-a-country-thing.pdf it-s-a-country-thing.pdf

I WALK THE LINE (I) : I walk the line Johnny Cash)   honey-i-love-u.mp3i.walk.the.line.mp3  one-o-one-fr.pdfI walk the line chore

JAI DU BOOGIE (I) : J'ai du boogie (Scooter Lee)    jai-du-boogie.pdf jai-du-boogie.pdf

JAILHOUSE CREOLE (D) : Jailhouse creole ( Billy Swan)   honey-i-love-u.mp3jailhouse.creole.mp3   jailhouse-creole.pdf jailhouse-creole.pdf

JAMBALAYA (I) : Jambalaya (Hank Williams)   honey-i-love-u.mp3jambalaya.mp3    jambalaya.pdf jambalaya.pdf

JOIN IN (D) : Don't it make you wanna dance (Chris Ledoux)

JUST A MEMORY (DI) :Memories are made of thi (The Mavericks)   honey-i-love-u.mp3memories.mp3  justamemory.pdf justamemory.pdf                                   

JUST A MINUTE (I) : Wait a minute (Sara Evans)   honey-i-love-u.mp3wait.a.minute.mp3   justaminute.pdf justaminute.pdf

KILL THE SPIDER (I) : You need a man around here (Brad Paisley)   honey-i-love-u.mp3   justaminute.pdfkill-the-spider.pdf

KING OF THE ROAD (D) : King of the road ( Roger Miller)     honey-i-love-u.mp3king.of.the.road.mp3   justaminute.pdfkingoftheroad.pdf

KISS IN THE DARK (D) : Things (Diamond Jack)    honey-i-love-u.mp3things.mp3  justaminute.pdfkissinthedark.pdf

LAST DANCE FOR ME (D)   Save the last dance for me (Emilou Harris)   Where the wind blows.mp3 save the last dance for me   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLast dance for me

LAY LOW (N)    Lay low(Joss Turner)     Where the wind blows.mp3 josh turner lay low    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLay low pdf

LETS GO THERE (I)  Lets go there(Dan Davidson)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Lets go thereMP3  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLet s go therePDF

LINDY SHUFFLE (D Mix) : I need more of you ( Bellamy Brothers)  justaminute.pdflindi.shuffle.pdf

LIVIN ON LOVE (D) : Livn on love (Alan Jackson)  justaminute.pdflivinonlove.pdf

LITTLE WAGON WHEEL(D)   Wagon wheel (Alan Carter) justaminute.pdf Little wagon wheel mg

LONELY DRUM (N)    Lonely drum (Aaron Goodvin)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Aaron goodvin lonely drum   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLonely drum mg

LOST IN ME  /  Wagon wheel (Alan Carter)  justaminute.pdfLost in me

LOUISIANA STRUT (D) : Louisiana (Woolpackers)  honey-i-love-u.mp3louisiana..mp3   justaminute.pdflouisianastrut.pdf

LOVE BUG (D) : Love bug (George Jones)  honey-i-love-u.mp3love.bug.mp3

MARY MARY (I) : Mary mary (Zac Brown Band)   honey-i-love-u.mp3 mary.maryaccoustic.mp3  justaminute.pdfmary-mary.pdf

MERCURY BLUE (DI) : Mercury blue (Alan Jackson)  honey-i-love-u.mp3mercury.blues.mp3  justaminute.pdfmercury-blues.pdf 

MESSED UP IN MEMPHIS (I) Messed up in Memphis (Darryl Worley)  home-to-louisiana.mp3 messed up MP3   home-to-louisiana.pdfMessed up PDF

MEXICAN WIND (I)  Mexican Wind (Jann Brown)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Mexican wind MP3    home-to-louisiana.pdfMEXICAN WIND PDF

MONDAY FOR TWO (N) Exceot for monday(Lorie Morgan)  Where the wind blows.mp3 except for monday   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfMondayfortwo

MY DEAR JULIET (I) : My dear Juliet (George Mc Anthony)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 my dear juliet home-to-louisiana.pdf My dear juliet 

NAIL IN MY COFFIN (I) : Jar of clay (The Pinmonkeys)    honey-i-love-u.mp3jar-of-clay.mp3  justaminute.pdfnail-in-my-coffin.pdf

NANCY MULLIGAN (N) Nancy Mulligan(Ed Sheeran)   Where the wind blows.mp3Nancy mulligan where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfNancy mulligan

NOMES PER TU (D) : Redneck irl (Bellamy Brothers)    honey-i-love-u.mp3redneck.girl.mp3  justaminute.pdfnomes-per-tu.pdf

Old beach roller coaster(I)   Roller Coaster(Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Roller coaster   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfOld beach roller coaster mg

ON THE ROAD AGAIN (D) : On the road again (Willie Nelson)   honey-i-love-u.mp3on.the.road.again.mp3  justaminute.pdfon-the-road-again.pdf

ON THE WAVES (D)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Walking on the waves  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfOne the waves

OPEN HEART COWBOY (I) : Little yellow blanket (Dean Brody)   honey-i-love-u.mp3little.yellow.blanket.mp3  justaminute.pdfopen-heart-cowboy.pdf

PATTY CAKE POLKA (D mix) : Patty cake polka   honey-i-love-u.mp3patty.cake.polka.mp3   justaminute.pdfpattycake-polka.pdf 

PIANO MAN : Rock around the clock (Bill Haley)   Where the wind blows.mp3 rock.around.the.clock.mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Piano man mg

 PEOPLE ARE CRAZY (D) People are crazy (Billy Currington)     home-to-louisiana.mp3  people are crazy    home-to-louisiana.pdfPeople are crazy

PICNIC POLKA (DI) : Cowboy sweetheart (Leann Rimes)   honey-i-love-u.mp3cowboy.sweetheart.mp3  justaminute.pdfpicnic-polka.pdf

PIZZIRICO (DI) : Pizzirico (The Mavericks)  honey-i-love-u.mp3pizzirico.mp3  justaminute.pdfpizzirico.pdf

RAGGLE TAGGLE GIPSY(D)   Raggle Taggle Gipsy (Derek Ryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3Raggle taggle gypsy   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfRaggle taggle gypsy o 

RECTO VERSO (DI) Something to die for (Fiona Culley)     Where the wind blows.mp3Something to die for   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfRecto verso

RED HOT ROCKNROLLER (DI) : Red hot rock'n roller (Dave Sheriff)  justaminute.pdfred-hot-rock-n-roller.pdf

REGGAE COWBOY (D) : Redneck girl (The Bellamy brothers)  honey-i-love-u.mp3redneck.girl.mp3  justaminute.pdfreggae-cowboy-.pdf

RETURN TO SENDER (DI) : Return to sender (Elvis Presley)   rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfreturn-to-sender.pdf

RHYME OR REASON (I) : It happens (Sugar Land)   honey-i-love-u.mp3it.happens.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrhyme-or-reason.pdf

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (D) : Rock around the clock (Bill Haley)  honey-i-love-u.mp3rock.around.the.clock.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrockaroundtheclock.pdf

ROCK N ROLL IS KING (D) : Rock n roll is king (Electric light Orchestra)   rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrock-n-roll-is-king.pdf

ROLL IN MY SWEET BABIES ARMS (I) : Roll in my sweet baby's arms (george Jones)  honey-i-love-u.mp3rollin.mp3 rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrollin-.pdf

ROLL IN THE HAY (I) : Roll in the hay (Don Derby)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdf rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdf

ROSE GARDEN (I)  : Rose garden (Lynn Anderson)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrosegarden.pdf

RUB IT IN (I) : Rub it in (Jeff Bates)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrubitin.pdf

SAILOR BOY (D) : Sailor boy (George Mc Anthony)  home-to-louisiana.mp3 sailor boy  home-to-louisiana.pdf Sailor boy

SALLY ANN (DI) : Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann (Robert Mizzel)  driven.mp3sally.ann.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfSally ann

SEMINOLE WIND (D) : Seminole wind (John Anderson)  honey-i-love-u.mp3seminole.wind.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfseminole-wind.pdf

SULTANS OF SWING (Avancé) : Sultans of swing (Dire Straits)  honey-i-love-u.mp3sultans.of.swing.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfsultansofswing.pdf

SUMMER FLY (D) : Summer fly (Hayley Westernra)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfSummer fly

SPLISH SPLASH (I) : Splish splash (Scooter Lee)  honey-i-love-u.mp3splish.splash.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfSplishsplash

SPRINGSTEEN  (I) Springsteen (Eric Church)     Where the wind blows.mp3Springsteen   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfSpringsteen

SUNNY DAY (D) : Have you ever seen the rain (The Smokie)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfSunnyday

SWEET CAROLINE (D)  Sweet Caroline( Neil Diamond)   Where the wind blows.mp3  Sweet caroline single version  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfSweet caroline

SWINGIN THING (D) : Thinkin of a rendez vous (Johnny  Duncan)   honey-i-love-u.mp3thinkin.of.a.rendez.vous.mp3 

TAG ON (D) Too strong to break (Beccy Cole)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Too strong to break  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfTag on

TALL T (D): Tall tall trees (Alan Jackson)  honey-i-love-u.mp3tall.tall.trees.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfTallt

TALK IS CHEAP (D) Talk is cheap (Alan Jackson) home-to-louisiana.mp3talk is cheap home-to-louisiana.pdfCheap talk d home-to-louisiana.pdfTalk is cheap i

TEDDY BEAR ROCK (DI) : Teddy Bear (Elvis Presley)  honey-i-love-u.mp3teddy.bear.mp3

TEXAS VALSE (D couple) : Amazing grace / Amanda /  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfTexasvalse

THANKS A LOT  (D) Thanks a lot (Robert Mizell)     Where the wind blows.mp3thanks-a-lot.mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthank-a-lot-.pdf

THATS MY KIND OF NIGHT  (D) Thats my kind of night (Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3That s my kind of night luke bryan   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfmy kind of night 

THE BELLE OF LIVERPOOL  (D) The Belle of Liverpool (Derek Ryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3 The belle of liverpool  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThebelleofliverpool

THE BOAT TO LIVERPOOL (D) Boat to Liverpool (Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3-boat-to-liverpoolmp3    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthe-boat-to-liverpool.pdf

THE GALWAY GATHERING (D)    Games people play(Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3The games people play   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThe galway gathering

THE GAMBLER (I) : The gambler (Kenny Rogers)  honey-i-love-u.mp3the.gambler.mp3 the-gambler-1.pdf the-gambler-1.pdf

THE TRAIL (DI) : Trai of tears (Billy Ray Cyrus)    honey-i-love-u.mp3trail.of.tears.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfThe trail

THE WORLD (I) : The world (Brad Paisley)   the-gambler-1.pdfTheworld

THINKIN COUNTRY (D)    What was I thinking(Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 what was i thinkin    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThinkin country niv 1

THINK OF YOU (N)  Think of you (Chris Young )   Where the wind blows.mp3 Think of you duet with cassadee pope  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThink of you

TOES (D) : Toes (Zac Brown Band)  honey-i-love-u.mp3toes-zac-mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfToes

TOP OF THE WORLD (D) : Top of the world (Dolly Parton) 

TUSH PUSH (D) : Every little thing (Carlene Cart(er)  driven.mp3every-litle-thing.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfTushpush

WAGGLE DANCE (DI) : Such a night (Elvis Presley)  driven.mp3 such.a.night.mp3   the-gambler-1.pdfWaggle dance

WAGON WHEEL ROCK (I) /   Wagon wheel (Alan Carter) the-gambler-1.pdfWagon wheel rock

WALK OF LIFE (D) : Walk of life (Dire Straits)  the-gambler-1.pdfWalk of life

WANDERER (D) : Pop a top (Alan Jackson )  the-gambler-1.pdfWanderer

WEEK END JAMBOREE (I) : Week end Jamboree (Frank Lange)  driven.mp3weekend.jamboree.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWeekend jamboree

THINKIN COUNTRY (D)    What was I thinking(Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 what was i thinkin    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThinkin country niv 1

WHERE I BELONG (D) : Where I belong (Alan Jackson)  driven.mp3where.i.belong.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWhere i belong

WHERE THE WIND BLOWS (I)Where the wind blows(Zac Brown Band)   driven.mp3The wind   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthe-wind-blows.pdf

WHISFULL THINKING (I) : Lovin all night (Rodney Crowell)   driven.mp3whisfull.thinking.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWishfull thinking

WHISKY BRIDGES(D)  Whisky Under the Bridge( Brooks n dunn)   Where the wind blows.mp3  Whiskey under the bridge  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfWhiskey bridges

WHYSKEY STOMP (D) : Whisky under the bridge (Brooks and Dunn)  driven.mp3 Whisky ...(Video) 

WHISKEYS GONE : Whisky's gone (Zac Brown Band)  driven.mp3whiskey.s.gone.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWhiskey s gone

WHITE ROSE (I) : White rose (Toby Keith)  driven.mp3white.rose.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWhite rose

WHITE WHISKY (N/I)  White Whisky( Didier Beaumont)   Where the wind blows.mp3  White whisky  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf White whiskypdf

WILD STALLION (DI) : Ghostriders in the sky ( Mariotti Brothers) driven.mp3wild.stallion.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWild stallion

WOMAN AMEN(I)  Woman amen( Dierks Bentley)   Where the wind blows.mp3 woman amen  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Woman amen

YOURE ONLY YOUNG ONCE (D/N)  Youre only young ounce(Derek Ryan)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Youre only young once  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfYoure only young once

YOUVE BEEN LONELY (D) : You've been lonely long enough (John Permenter) driven.mp3you-ve.been..mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfYouvebeen

ZIG ZAG (D) : Zig zag stop (Toby Keith)  driven.mp3zig.zag.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfZig zag