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 REPERTOIRE EXCEL : Repertoire blue night country    REPERTOIRE PDF : Repertoire blue night country


DANSE et sa VIDEO : Titre de chanson(interprèteoutback-booty-call.mp3 MP3 de la chanson 52-beers-ago-2.pdf PDF CHOREGRAPHIE


3 DAYS ROAD (D)    3 Days Road(Wasboard Union)     Where the wind blows.mp33day road wasboard union    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf3days road

8 BALL (D) :  Outback booty call  (8 Ball Aitken)   outback-booty-call.mp3outback-booty-call.mp3    8-ball-3.pdf 8-ball-3.pdf

52 BEERS AGO (I): 52 beers ago (Toby Keith)   52-beers-ago.mp352-beers-ago.mp3   52-beers-ago-3.pdf 52-beers-ago-3.pdf

101 (D) : Thats what I get (BR 549)    outback-booty-call.mp3thats what i get.mp3     one-o-one-fr.pdf one-o-one-fr.pdf

1000 YEARS (D) : Love worth waiting for (Shakin Stevens)     outback-booty-call.mp3love-worth-waiting-for-1.mp3    1000-years.pdf 1000-years.pdf

AB WHIRL(D) : Help me make it through the night (Chris Christofferson)  outback-booty-call.mp3help-me-make-it-trough-the-night.mp3   ab-whirl.pdf ab-whirl.pdf

ACHY BREAKY HEART (I) : Achy breaky heart (Billy Ray Cyrus)    outback-booty-call.mp3achy-heart.mp3   achy-breaky-heart.pdf achy-breaky-heart.pdf

ALCOHOL (D) : Put some alcohol on it (Gord Bamford)   outback-booty-call.mp3alcohol.mp3   alcohol-1.pdf alcohol-1.pdf

ALIGATOR ROCK (I) : See later aligator (Bill Haley)    outback-booty-call.mp3see-you-later-aligator.mp3    alligator-rock-1.pdf alligator-rock-1.pdf

ALL SHOOK UP (I) : All Shook up (Elvis Presley)    outback-booty-call.mp3 all-shook-up.mp3    all-shook-up-1.pdf all-shook-up-1.pdf

ALL SUMMER LONG (DI)G : All summer long (Kid Rock)   outback-booty-call.mp3 all-summer-long.mp3     all-summer-long-1.pdf all-summer-long-1.pdf

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (D) : All you really need is love (Brad PAisley)   outback-booty-call.mp3 all-you-really-need-is-love.mp3   all-you-need-1.pdf all-you-need-1.pdf

AMERICAN KIDS(D)   American kids(Kenny Chesney)     Where the wind blows.mp3American kids    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfAmericain kids 

AMERICAN LAND (DI): American Land (Bruce Springsteen)  outback-booty-call.mp3american-land.mp3  american-land-1.pdf American land2

AMIGO (I) : Amigo (David Ball)   outback-booty-call.mp3amigo.mp3   amigo-1.pdf amigo-1.pdf

ANYHING GOES (D) : Why don't we just dance (Josh Turner)   outback-booty-call.mp3 why dont we just dance.mp3   anything-goes-1.pdf anything-goes-1.pdf

APACHE (I) : Apache (The Shadows)   outback-booty-call.mp3apache.mp3   apache-1.pdf apache-1.pdf

ARKENSAS (Couple) : American Land (Bruce Springsteen)   outback-booty-call.mp3american-land.mp3   arkansas-mixer-1.pdf arkansas-mixer-1.pdf

ASKIN QUESTIONS (I) : Askin questions ( Brady Seals)   outback-booty-call.mp3askin-questions.mp3   askin-questions-1.pdf askin-questions-1.pdf

*BANJO (I)     Banjo (Rascal Flatts)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Banjo    home-to-louisiana.pdfBanjo

BARE ESSENTIALS (I) : Bare essentials (Lee Kernaghan)    outback-booty-call.mp3bare-essentials.mp3   bare-essentials.pdf bare-essentials.pdf

BARN DANCE (D) : Gone country (Alan Jackson)    outback-booty-call.mp3gone-country.mp3   westernbarndance.pdf westernbarndance.pdf

BEAUTIFUL DAY (D) : Beautiful day (Dave Sheriff)   outback-booty-call.mp3beautiful-day-mp3   beautiful-day.pdf beautiful-day.pdf

BEER FOR MY HORSES (I) : Beer for my horses (Toby keith)    outback-booty-call.mp3beer-for-my-horses.mp3   beer-for-my-horses.pdf beer-for-my-horses.pdf

BIG BLUE TREE (D)    Big Blue tree(Michael English)     Where the wind blows.mp3Big blue tree    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBig blue tree

BILLY DANCE (Couple) : San Francisco (Olsen Brothers)   outback-booty-call.mp3san-francisco.mp3    billy-dance.pdf billy-dance.pdf

BLACK COFFEE (D) : Black coffee (Lacy J Dalton)    outback-booty-call.mp3black-coffee.mp3    blackcoffee.pdf blackcoffee.pdf

BLUE NIGHT CHA (D) : Blue night ( Michael Learms)   outback-booty-call.mp3blue-night-cha.mp3    bluenightcha-1.pdf bluenightcha-1.pdf

BOBBIE SUE (D) : Bobbie Sue ( Oak Ridge boys) outback-booty-call.mp3VIDEO CONCERT  bobbie-sue.pdf bobbie-sue.pdf

BOUNTY    Bounty (Dean Brody)     Where the wind blows.mp3Bounty    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBounty PDF

BOOT SCOOT BOOGIE (D) : Boot scoot boogie ( Brooks and Dunn)   outback-booty-call.mp3boot-scoot-boogie.mp3  bootscootin-boogie.pdf bootscootin-boogie.pdf

BRING DOWN THE HOUSE  (D) Bring down the house (Dean Brody)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Bring down the house  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBring down the house

BROKEN HEART (I) : My next broken heart ( Brooks and Dunn)  outback-booty-call.mp3CLIP VIDEO    broken-heart.pdf broken-heart.pdf

BUCK IT (D) : That buckin  ( Robert Earl Keen)    outback-booty-call.mp3buck-it.mp3    buck-it.pdf buck-it.pdf

BURNING LOVE (I) : Burning love (Elvis Presley)   outback-booty-call.mp3burning-love.mp3   burning-love.pdf burning-love.pdf

CABO SAN LUCAS (DI) : Cabo san Lucas (Toby Keith)   cabo-san-lucas.mp3cabo-san-lucas.mp3   cabo-san-lucas.pdf cabo-san-lucas.pdf

CALIFORNIA BLUE (I) : California blue (Roy Orbison)    california-blue.mp3california-blue.mp3    california-blue.pdf california-blue.pdf

CANNIBAL STOMP (D) : Cannibals ( Mark Knopfler)    california-blue.mp3cannibals.mp3    cannibal-stomp.pdf cannibal-stomp.pdf

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (I) : Who's been sleeping in my bed (Glenn Frey)  california-blue.mp3who-s-been-sleeping-mp3   caught in the act.pdf caught in the act.pdf     

CELEBRITY (DI) : Celebrity (Brad Paidley)   celebrity.mp3 celebrity.mp3   celebrity.pdf celebrity.pdf  

CELTIC CONNECTION (I) : Letra a rock (Coyote Dax)    rock-on.mp3rock-on.mp3    celticconnection.pdf celticconnection.pdf

CHATAHOOCHIE (D) : Chatahoochie (Alan Jackson)    california-blue.mp3 chattaoochie.mp3    chattahoochee.pdf chattahoochee.pdf

CHAPELOISE (Couple) : American Land (Bruce Springsteen)   american-land-1.mp3american-land-1.mp3    la chapelloise.pdf la chapelloise.pdf

CHEYENNE (D) : Silver and gold (Dolly Parton)     california-blue.mp3silver-and-gold.mp3     cheyenne.pdf cheyenne.pdf

CHICA BOOM (D) : Boom boom goes my heart ( Alex Swings)   chica-boom-boom.mp3chica-boom-boom.mp3   chica-boum-boum.pdf chica-boum-boum.pdf

CHILL FACTOR (I) : Last night madison   chil-factor.mp3chil-factor.mp3   chill-factor.pdf chill-factor.pdf

CHOP (D)    Shut up and fish(Maddie & Tae)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Shut up and fish  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfChop

CITY OF NEW ORLEANS (DI) : City of new Orleans (Willie Nelson)    city-of-new-orlean.mp3city-of-new-orlean.mp3    city of new orleans.pdf city of new orleans.pdf

COTTON EYE JOE (Couple) : Cotton eye Joe (Rednex)     california-blue.mp3cotton-eyed-joe mp3     cotton-eye-joe.pdf cotton-eye-joe.pdf

COPPERHEAD ROAD (D) : Copperhead road ( Steve Earl)   copperhead-road mp3copperhead-road mp3   copperhead-road.pdf copperhead-road.pdf

COOLEYS REEL (DI) : Cooleys reel ( The Coors)   cooley-s-reel.mp3 cooley-s-reel.mp3   cooleys-reel.pdf cooleys-reel.pdf

CORN DONT GROW (DI) Where the corn don'tgrow (travis Tritt)     Where the wind blows.mp3Where the corn don t grow    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfCorn don t grow

COTTON PICKING MORNING (D) : Cotton pickin time ( Blake Shelton)    cotton-pickin-time.mp3cotton-pickin-time.mp3    cotton-pickin-morning.pdf cotton-pickin-morning.pdf

COUNTRY AS CAN BE (D) : Country as can be (Brady Seals)  country-as can be- .mp3 country-as can be- .mp3   country-as-can-be.pdf country-as-can-be.pdf

COUNTRY ROADS  TAKE ME HOME (DI) : Country roads (John Denver)  california-blue.mp3country-roads.mp3

COUNTRY ROADS 2 (I) : Country roads (Hermes House Band)    country-roads-.mp3country-roads-.mp3    country-roads.pdf country-roads.pdf

COUNTRY TWO STEP (I) : Fool heart memory (George Strait)  fool-hearted-memory.mp3fool-hearted-memory.mp3   country-2-step.pdf country-2-step.pdf

COUNTRY WALKING (D) : A fool such as I ( Elvis Presley)    california-blue.mp3a-fool-such-as-i.mp3    country-walking-pdf.pdf country-walking-pdf.pdf

COWBOY BOOGIE (D) : Thank god for the radio (Alan Jackson)  california-blue.mp3thank-god-for-the-radio.mp3   cowboy boogie.pdf cowboy boogie.pdf 

COWBOY CADILLAC : Cowboy cadillac (Gart Brooks)    california-blue.mp3cowboy-cadillac.mp3

COWBOY CHA CHA (D) : I want to dance with you (George Strait)    california-blue.mp3i-want-to-dance-with-you.mp3    cowboy cha cha.pdf cowboy cha cha.pdf

COWBOY CHARLESTON (D) : Oh Lonesome me ( Hank Williams)  california-blue.mp3 lonesome-me.mp3  cowboy charleston.pdf cowboy charleston.pdf

COWBOY MADE IN FRANCE (D) Cowboy made in france(Claudie Andréa  cowboy charleston.pdfCow boys made in france

COWBOY MADISON (D) : Cowboy made in France  california-blue.mp3  cowboy madison.pdf cowboy madison.pdf

COWBOY YODEL (DI) : Cowboy yoddle song ( Kiki Danielson) cowboy-yoddle-song-1.mp3cowboy-yoddle-song-1.mp3   cowboyyoddlesong.pdf cowboyyoddlesong.pdf

CUCARRACHA (D) : All you ever do is bring me down (The Mavericks) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down   cucaracha.pdf cucaracha.pdf

DANCE TO THE VIOLIN  (I)  Electric Daisy Violin (Lindsey Stirling) home-to-louisiana.mp3 Electric daisy violin   home-to-louisiana.pdfChoréPDF

DARLIN (Couple) : Darlin (Johnny Reid)  all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down darlin.mp3   darlin.pdf darlin.pdf

DECK 51 (I) : Flowers in the wall ( Eric Heatherly) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down flowers-on-the-wall.mp3 deck51.pdf deck51.pdf

DEVIL IN THE DISGUISE (I) : Devil in disguise (Elvis Presley) devil-in-disguise-mp3 devil-in-disguise-mp3  a-devil-in-disguise.pdf a-devil-in-disguise.pdf

DHSS (D) : Géronimo (The Shadows) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down geronimo.mp3 dhss.pdf dhss.pdf

DISAPPERAING TAIL LIGHTS  Disappearing tail lights (Gord Gamford)  home-to-louisiana.pdfDisappearing tail lights

DOCTOR DOCTOR (I): Bad case of loving you ( Robert Palmer) bad-case-of-loving-you.mp3 bad-case-of-loving-you.mp3 doctor-doctor.pdf doctor-doctor.pdf

DONT BE CRUEL (I) : Don't be cruel (Elvis Presley) all-you-ever-do-is-bring-me-down don-t-be-cruel.mp3 don-t-be-cruel.pdf don-t-be-cruel.pdf

DOWN THE CORNER (I) : Down the corner (The Mavericks) down-on-the-corner.mp3 down-on-the-corner.mp3  downonthecorner.pdf downonthecorner.pdf 

DRIVEN (I) : Drive (Casey James)  driven.mp3 driven.mp3 driven-1.pdf driven-1.pdf

ELECTRIC SLIDE (D) : I like I love it (Tim Mc Graw)    driven.mp3 i-like-it-i-love-it.mp3    electric slide.pdf electric slide.pdf

ELT (D) : Every little thing (Carlene Carter)   driven.mp3every-litle-thing.mp3    elt.pdf elt.pdf

EVERYBODY KNOWS (D)    Everybodyknows(Dixie Chicks)     Where the wind blows.mp3Everybody knows   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfEverybody knows

FAIS DODO (I) : Fais dodo (Charlie Daniel's Band)  fais-dodo.mp3 fais-dodo.mp3  fais-dodo.pdffais-dodo.pdf

 *FAKE ID (A)  Fake ID (Big & Rich)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Fake id    home-to-louisiana.pdfFakeid 

FEEL LIKE ROCK N ROLL (DI) : Feel like rock'roll (Bouke)   feels-like-rock-n-roll.mp3 feels-like-rock-n-roll.mp3  feels-like-rock-n-roll.pdf feels-like-rock-n-roll.pdf

FIRESTORM (I) : Cajun Hoedown (Karen Mc Dawn)   firestorm.mp3 firestorm.mp3    firestorm-1.pdffirestorm-1.pdf

FOLSOM PRISON (DI) : Folsom prison Blues (Johnny Cash)   driven.mp3folsom-prison-blues.mp3   folson-prison-blues.pdffo lson-prison-blues.pdf

FOOTLOOSE (I) : Footloose (Blake Shelton)   driven.mp3footloose.mp3  footloose.pdf footloose.pdf                                       

FULL TILT BOOGIE : Mercury Blue (Alan Jacksn)   mercury-blues-mp3mercury-blues-mp3   full-tilt-boogie.pdf full-tilt-boogie.pdf

GALWAY GIRL (I) : Galway girl (Steve Earl)   galway-girl.mp3 galway-girl.mp3   galway-girls.pdf galway-girls.pdf

GET READY(I)  Fishing in the dark (Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Fishing in the dark mp3  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf

GIRLS GONE WILD (I) : Girls gone wild ( Travis tritt)    girls-gone wild.mp3girls-gone wild.mp3    girls-gone-wild-1.pdf girls-gone-wild-1.pdf

GOD BLESS TEXAS (D) : God bless Texas ( Little Texas)    driven.mp3god-blessed-texas.mp3   god-blessed-texas.pdf god-blessed-texas.pdf

GO FOR A WALK (A)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Walking on the waves  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGo for a walk style catalan line dance mag

GOLDEN RING (D)    Golden ring (Terri Clark Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Golden ring terri clark dierks bentley  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGolden wedding ring

GOOD ON YOU (D)    Good on you (Ward Thomas)     Where the wind blows.mp3  Good on you ward thomas good on you where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf

GOOD TIME (D) : Good time (Alan Jackson)    good-time.mp3good-time.mp3    good-time-alan-jackson.pdf good-time-alan-jackson.pdf

GOOD TIME GIRLS   Good time girls(Nathan carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3Good time girls mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf

GO SEVEN (D) : Return to sender (Elvis Presley)    driven.mp3return-to-sender.mp3 go-seven.pdf go-seven.pdf                                                

GRUNDY GALOP (D) : Yellow river ( Tonie Christie)  yellow-river.mp3 yellow-river.mp3  grundy-gallop.pdf grundy-gallop.pdf

GYPSY QUEEN (I)    Gypsy Queen(Chris Norman)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Chris norman gypsy queen  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGypsy queen

HALLELUYA (I) : Joy's gonna come in the morning (The Samaritains)   joys-gonna-come-on-the-morning.mp3 joys-gonna-come.mp3 hallelujah-m.pdf hallelujah-m.pdf

HEARTACHE (D) : It's a heartache (Bonnie Tyler)    its-a-heartache.mp3 its-a-heartache.mp3 heartache.pdf heartache.pdf

HEY BROTHER (I) : Hey Brother (Avicii)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 Video hey brother   home-to-louisiana.pdfHeybrother

HOME TO LOUISIANA (D) : Home to Louisiana ( Ann Tyler)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 home-to-louisiana.mp3  home-to-louisiana.pdf home-to-louisiana.pdf

HONEY I LOVE YOU : Honey I do(The rebels)  honey-i-love-u.mp3honey-i-love-u.mp3   honey-i-love-u.pdfhoney-i-love-u.pdf                                                          

HOT TAMALES (I) :  Country down to my soul ( Lee Roy Parnell)    driven.mp3country-down-to-my-soul.mp3    hot-tamales.pdf hot-tamales.pdf

HURRY UP AND SLOW DOWN (D) : Hurry up and slow down (Don Derby) hurry-up-slow-down.mp3hurry-up.mp3  hurry-up-slow-down-1.pdf hurry-up-slow-down-1.pdf

IN DREAMS (D) : In dreams (Roy Orbison)    honey-i-love-u.mp3in.dreams.mp3   in-dreams.pdf in-dreams.pdf                  

ITS A COUNTRY THING (I) : I'm from the country ( Tracy Bird)  honey-i-love-u.mp3 Im from the country.mp3  it-s-a-country-thing.pdf it-s-a-country-thing.pdf

I WALK THE LINE (I) : I walk the line Johnny Cash)   honey-i-love-u.mp3i.walk.the.line.mp3  one-o-one-fr.pdfI walk the line chore

JAI DU BOOGIE (I) : J'ai du boogie (Scooter Lee)    jai-du-boogie.pdf jai-du-boogie.pdf

JAILHOUSE CREOLE (D) : Jailhouse creole ( Billy Swan)   honey-i-love-u.mp3jailhouse.creole.mp3   jailhouse-creole.pdf jailhouse-creole.pdf

JAMBALAYA (I) : Jambalaya (Hank Williams)   honey-i-love-u.mp3jambalaya.mp3    jambalaya.pdf jambalaya.pdf

JOIN IN (D) : Don't it make you wanna dance (Chris Ledoux)

JUST A MEMORY (DI) :Memories are made of thi (The Mavericks)   honey-i-love-u.mp3memories.mp3  justamemory.pdf justamemory.pdf                                   

JUST A MINUTE (I) : Wait a minute (Sara Evans)   honey-i-love-u.mp3wait.a.minute.mp3   justaminute.pdf justaminute.pdf

KILL THE SPIDER (I) : You need a man around here (Brad Paisley)   honey-i-love-u.mp3   justaminute.pdfkill-the-spider.pdf

KING OF THE ROAD (D) : King of the road ( Roger Miller)     honey-i-love-u.mp3king.of.the.road.mp3   justaminute.pdfkingoftheroad.pdf

KISS IN THE DARK (D) : Things (Diamond Jack)    honey-i-love-u.mp3things.mp3  justaminute.pdfkissinthedark.pdf

LAY LOW (N)    Lay low(Joss Turner)     Where the wind blows.mp3 josh turner lay low    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLay low pdf

LINDY SHUFFLE (D Mix) : I need more of you ( Bellamy Brothers)  justaminute.pdflindi.shuffle.pdf

LIVIN ON LOVE (D) : Livn on love (Alan Jackson)  justaminute.pdflivinonlove.pdf

LITTLE WAGON WHEEL(D)   Wagon wheel (Alan Carter) justaminute.pdf Little wagon wheel mg

LOST IN ME  /  Wagon wheel (Alan Carter)  justaminute.pdfLost in me

LOUISIANA STRUT (D) : Louisiana (Woolpackers)  honey-i-love-u.mp3louisiana..mp3   justaminute.pdflouisianastrut.pdf

LOVE BUG (D) : Love bug (George Jones)  honey-i-love-u.mp3love.bug.mp3

MARY MARY (I) : Mary mary (Zac Brown Band)   honey-i-love-u.mp3 mary.maryaccoustic.mp3  justaminute.pdfmary-mary.pdf

MERCURY BLUE (DI) : Mercury blue (Alan Jackson)  honey-i-love-u.mp3mercury.blues.mp3  justaminute.pdfmercury-blues.pdf 

MESSED UP IN MEMPHIS (I) Messed up in Memphis (Darryl Worley)  home-to-louisiana.mp3 messed up MP3   home-to-louisiana.pdfMessed up PDF

MEXICAN WIND (I)  Mexican Wind (Jann Brown)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Mexican wind MP3    home-to-louisiana.pdfMEXICAN WIND PDF

MONDAY FOR TWO (N) Exceot for monday(Lorie Morgan)  Where the wind blows.mp3 except for monday   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfMondayfortwo

MY DEAR JULIET (I) : My dear Juliet (George Mc Anthony)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 my dear juliet home-to-louisiana.pdf My dear juliet 

NAIL IN MY COFFIN (I) : Jar of clay (The Pinmonkeys)    honey-i-love-u.mp3jar-of-clay.mp3  justaminute.pdfnail-in-my-coffin.pdf

NOMES PER TU (D) : Redneck irl (Bellamy Brothers)    honey-i-love-u.mp3redneck.girl.mp3  justaminute.pdfnomes-per-tu.pdf

Old beach roller coaster(I)   Roller Coaster(Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Roller coaster   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfOld beach roller coaster mg

ON THE ROAD AGAIN (D) : On the road again (Willie Nelson)   honey-i-love-u.mp3on.the.road.again.mp3  justaminute.pdfon-the-road-again.pdf

ON THE WAVES (D)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Walking on the waves  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfOne the waves

OPEN HEART COWBOY (I) : Little yellow blanket (Dean Brody)   honey-i-love-u.mp3little.yellow.blanket.mp3  justaminute.pdfopen-heart-cowboy.pdf

PATTY CAKE POLKA (D mix) : Patty cake polka   honey-i-love-u.mp3patty.cake.polka.mp3   justaminute.pdfpattycake-polka.pdf 

PIANO MAN : Rock around the clock (Bill Haley)   Where the wind blows.mp3 rock.around.the.clock.mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Piano man mg

 PEOPLE ARE CRAZY (D) People are crazy (Billy Currington)     home-to-louisiana.mp3  people are crazy    home-to-louisiana.pdfPeople are crazy

PICNIC POLKA (DI) : Cowboy sweetheart (Leann Rimes)   honey-i-love-u.mp3cowboy.sweetheart.mp3  justaminute.pdfpicnic-polka.pdf

PIZZIRICO (DI) : Pizzirico (The Mavericks)  honey-i-love-u.mp3pizzirico.mp3  justaminute.pdfpizzirico.pdf

RAGGLE TAGGLE GIPSY(D)   Raggle Taggle Gipsy (Derek Ryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3Raggle taggle gypsy   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfRaggle taggle gypsy o 

RECTO VERSO (DI) Something to die for (Fiona Culley)     Where the wind blows.mp3Something to die for   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfRecto verso

RED HOT ROCKNROLLER (DI) : Red hot rock'n roller (Dave Sheriff)  justaminute.pdfred-hot-rock-n-roller.pdf

REGGAE COWBOY (D) : Redneck girl (The Bellamy brothers)  honey-i-love-u.mp3redneck.girl.mp3  justaminute.pdfreggae-cowboy-.pdf

RETURN TO SENDER (DI) : Return to sender (Elvis Presley)   rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfreturn-to-sender.pdf

RHYME OR REASON (I) : It happens (Sugar Land)   honey-i-love-u.mp3it.happens.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrhyme-or-reason.pdf

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (D) : Rock around the clock (Bill Haley)  honey-i-love-u.mp3rock.around.the.clock.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrockaroundtheclock.pdf

ROCK N ROLL IS KING (D) : Rock n roll is king (Electric light Orchestra)   rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrock-n-roll-is-king.pdf

ROLL IN MY SWEET BABIES ARMS (I) : Roll in my sweet baby's arms (george Jones)  honey-i-love-u.mp3rollin.mp3 rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrollin-.pdf

ROLL IN THE HAY (I) : Roll in the hay (Don Derby)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdf rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdf

ROSE GARDEN (I)  : Rose garden (Lynn Anderson)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrosegarden.pdf

RUB IT IN (I) : Rub it in (Jeff Bates)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfrubitin.pdf

SAILOR BOY (D) : Sailor boy (George Mc Anthony)  home-to-louisiana.mp3 sailor boy  home-to-louisiana.pdf Sailor boy

SALLY ANN (DI) : Who's gonna dance with Sally Ann (Robert Mizzel)  driven.mp3sally.ann.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfSally ann

SEMINOLE WIND (D) : Seminole wind (John Anderson)  honey-i-love-u.mp3seminole.wind.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfseminole-wind.pdf

SULTANS OF SWING (Avancé) : Sultans of swing (Dire Straits)  honey-i-love-u.mp3sultans.of.swing.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfsultansofswing.pdf

SUMMER FLY (D) : Summer fly (Hayley Westernra)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfSummer fly

SPLISH SPLASH (I) : Splish splash (Scooter Lee)  honey-i-love-u.mp3splish.splash.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfSplishsplash

SPRINGSTEEN  (I) Springsteen (Eric Church)     Where the wind blows.mp3Springsteen   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfSpringsteen

SUNNY DAY (D) : Have you ever seen the rain (The Smokie)  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfSunnyday

SWINGIN THING (D) : Thinkin of a rendez vous (Johnny  Duncan)   honey-i-love-u.mp3thinkin.of.a.rendez.vous.mp3 

TAG ON (D) Too strong to break (Beccy Cole)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Too strong to break  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfTag on

TALL T (D): Tall tall trees (Alan Jackson)  honey-i-love-u.mp3tall.tall.trees.mp3  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfTallt

TALK IS CHEAP (D) Talk is cheap (Alan Jackson) home-to-louisiana.mp3talk is cheap home-to-louisiana.pdfCheap talk d home-to-louisiana.pdfTalk is cheap i

TEDDY BEAR ROCK (DI) : Teddy Bear (Elvis Presley)  honey-i-love-u.mp3teddy.bear.mp3

TEXAS VALSE (D couple) : Amazing grace / Amanda /  rol-lin-the-hay-1.pdfTexasvalse

THANKS A LOT  (D) Thanks a lot (Robert Mizell)     Where the wind blows.mp3thanks-a-lot.mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthank-a-lot-.pdf

THATS MY KIND OF NIGHT  (D) Thats my kind of night (Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3That s my kind of night luke bryan   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfmy kind of night 

THE BELLE OF LIVERPOOL  (D) The Belle of Liverpool (Derek Ryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3 The belle of liverpool  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThebelleofliverpool

THE BOAT TO LIVERPOOL (D) Boat to Liverpool (Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3-boat-to-liverpoolmp3    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthe-boat-to-liverpool.pdf

THE GALWAY GATHERING (D)    Games people play(Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3The games people play   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThe galway gathering

THE GAMBLER (I) : The gambler (Kenny Rogers)  honey-i-love-u.mp3the.gambler.mp3 the-gambler-1.pdf the-gambler-1.pdf

THE TRAIL (DI) : Trai of tears (Billy Ray Cyrus)    honey-i-love-u.mp3trail.of.tears.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfThe trail

THE WORLD (I) : The world (Brad Paisley)   the-gambler-1.pdfTheworld

THINKIN COUNTRY (D)    What was I thinking(Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 what was i thinkin    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThinkin country niv 1

TOES (D) : Toes (Zac Brown Band)  honey-i-love-u.mp3toes-zac-mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfToes

TOP OF THE WORLD (D) : Top of the world (Dolly Parton) 

TUSH PUSH (D) : Every little thing (Carlene Cart(er)  driven.mp3every-litle-thing.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfTushpush

WAGGLE DANCE (DI) : Such a night (Elvis Presley)  driven.mp3 such.a.night.mp3   the-gambler-1.pdfWaggle dance

WAGON WHEEL ROCK (I) /   Wagon wheel (Alan Carter) the-gambler-1.pdfWagon wheel rock

WALK OF LIFE (D) : Walk of life (Dire Straits)  the-gambler-1.pdfWalk of life

WANDERER (D) : Pop a top (Alan Jackson )  the-gambler-1.pdfWanderer

WEEK END JAMBOREE (I) : Week end Jamboree (Frank Lange)  driven.mp3weekend.jamboree.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWeekend jamboree

THINKIN COUNTRY (D)    What was I thinking(Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 what was i thinkin    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThinkin country niv 1

WHERE I BELONG (D) : Where I belong (Alan Jackson)  driven.mp3where.i.belong.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWhere i belong

WHERE THE WIND BLOWS (I)Where the wind blows(Zac Brown Band)   driven.mp3The wind   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthe-wind-blows.pdf

WHISFULL THINKING (I) : Lovin all night (Rodney Crowell)   driven.mp3whisfull.thinking.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWishfull thinking

WHYSKEY STOMP (D) : Whisky under the bridge (Brooks and Dunn)  driven.mp3 Whisky ...(Video) 

WHISKEYS GONE : Whisky's gone (Zac Brown Band)  driven.mp3whiskey.s.gone.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWhiskey s gone

WHITE ROSE (I) : White rose (Toby Keith)  driven.mp3white.rose.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWhite rose

WILD STALLION (DI) : Ghostriders in the sky ( Mariotti Brothers) driven.mp3wild.stallion.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfWild stallion

YOUVE BEEN LONELY (D) : You've been lonely long enough (John Permenter) driven.mp3you-ve.been..mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfYouvebeen

ZIG ZAG (D) : Zig zag stop (Toby Keith)  driven.mp3zig.zag.mp3  the-gambler-1.pdfZig zag