DERNIERES DANSES  ! La 1ere de la liste est la derniere arrivée


VIDEO DE LA CHORE    Titre et (interprete)     Where the wind blows.mp3titre Mp3    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfPDF de la choré

DESIRABLE (D)  Everybody(Chris Janson)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Everybody  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDesirablePDF

DAMN (N)  Damn(Brett Kissel)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Damn mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDamnPDF

GHOST TOWN (D)  Ghost town(Sam Outlaw)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Ghost town  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGhost townPDF

LETS GO THERE (I)  Lets go there(Dan Davidson)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Lets go thereMP3  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLet s go therePDF

COWGIRLS (I)  I wanna be a farmer( Sunny Cowgirls)   Where the wind blows.mp3 I wanna be a farmer   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfCowgirls

WHITE WHISKY (N/I)  White Whisky( Didier Beaumont)   Where the wind blows.mp3  White whisky  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf White whiskypdf

WHISKY BRIDGES(D)  Whisky Under the Bridge( Brooks n dunn)   Where the wind blows.mp3  Whiskey under the bridge  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfWhiskey bridges

SWEET CAROLINE (D)  Sweet Caroline( Neil Diamond)   Where the wind blows.mp3  Sweet caroline single version  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfSweet caroline

WOMAN AMEN(I)  Woman amen( Dierks Bentley)   Where the wind blows.mp3 woman amen  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Woman amen

ANTHEM(N)  Anthem( Bret Kissel)   Where the wind blows.mp3Brett kissel anthem where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Anthem 2

ANTHEM (guylaine Bourdages) where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfAnthem pdf (guylaine Bourdages)

BRING ON THE GOOD TIMES(D)  Bring on the good times(Lisa Mc Hugh)   Where the wind blows.mp3bring on the good times where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBring good times

DIANE(D)  Diane( Cam)   Where the wind blows.mp3Diane where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDiane

CLEAR ISABEL(D)  Clear Isabel( Aaron Watson)   Where the wind blows.mp3clear isabel where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfClear isabel

DAY OF DEAD(I)  Day of dead (Dave Bowen)   Where the wind blows.mp3Day of the dead  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDayofthedead 

DIG YOUR HEELS(I)  Heres to you (Mc Clymonth)   Where the wind blows.mp3Here s to you  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfDig your heels 


YOURE ONLY YOUNG ONCE (D/N)  Youre only young ounce(Derek Ryan)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Youre only young once  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfYoure only young once

HIT THE DIFF(D)  Hit the diff (Richie Remo)   Where the wind blows.mp3hit the diff   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHit the diffwhere-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHit the diffcatalan

NANCY MULLIGAN (N) Nancy Mulligan(Ed Sheeran)   Where the wind blows.mp3Nancy mulligan where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfNancy mulligan

THINK OF YOU (N)  Think of you (Chris Young )   Where the wind blows.mp3 Think of you duet with cassadee pope  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThink of you

GEORGE STRAIT (N)  George Strait (Meghan Patrick)   Where the wind blows.mp3 George strait mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGeorge strait 1

LAST DANCE FOR ME (D)   Save the last dance for me (Emilou Harris)   Where the wind blows.mp3 save the last dance for me   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLast dance for me fr

LONELY DRUM (N)    Lonely drum (Aaron Goodvin)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Aaron goodvin lonely drum   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLonely drum mg

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY(D)    Soggy Bottom summer (Dean Brody)   Where the wind blows.mp3 Dean brody happy happy   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHappy happy happy

GOLDEN RING (I)    Golden ring (Terri Clark Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Golden ring terri clark dierks bentley  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGolden wedding ring

GOOD ON YOU (D)    Good on you (Ward Thomas)     Where the wind blows.mp3  Good on you ward thomas good on you where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGood on you

GYPSY QUEEN (I)    Gypsy Queen(Chris Norman)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Chris norman gypsy queen  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGypsy queen

ON THE WAVES (D)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Walking on the waves  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfOne the waves

GO FOR A WALK (A)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Walking on the waves  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGo for a walk style catalan line dance mag

CHOP (D)    Shut up and fish(Maddie & Tae)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Shut up and fish  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfChop

HOMEGROWN (D)    Homegrown(Zac Brown Band)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Homegrown  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfHomegrown

Temple bar (D)   Temple Bar(Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3Temple bar    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfTemple bar  Temple Bar (Chorée2)

GALWAY GATHERING (D)    Games people play(Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3The games people play   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThe galway gathering

BIG BLUE TREE (D)    Big Blue tree(Michael English)     Where the wind blows.mp3Big blue tree    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBig blue tree

3 DAYS ROAD (D)    3 Days Road(Wasboard Union)     Where the wind blows.mp33day road wasboard union    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf3days road

EVERYBODY KNOWS (D)    Everybodyknows(Dixie Chicks)     Where the wind blows.mp3Everybody knows   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfEverybody knows

THINKIN COUNTRY (D)    What was I thinking(Dierks Bentley)     Where the wind blows.mp3 what was i thinkin    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThinkin country niv 1

Old beach roller coaster(I)   Roller Coaster(Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Roller coaster   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfOld beach roller coaster mg

LAY LOW (N)    Lay low(Joss Turner)     Where the wind blows.mp3 josh turner lay low    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfLay low pdf

MONDAY FOR TWO (N) Exceot for monday(Lorie Morgan)  Where the wind blows.mp3 except for monday   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfMondayfortwo

BRING DOWN THE HOUSE  (D) Bring down the house (Dean Brody)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Bring down the house  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBring down the house

SPRINGSTEEN  (I) Springsteen (Eric Church)     Where the wind blows.mp3Springsteen   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfSpringsteen

THE BELLE OF LIVERPOOL  (D) The Belle of Liverpool (Derek Ryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3 The belle of liverpool  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfThebelleofliverpool

CORN DONT GROW (DI) Where the corn don'tgrow (travis Tritt)     Where the wind blows.mp3Where the corn don t grow    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfCorn don t grow

RECTO VERSO (DI) Something to die for (Fiona Culley)     Where the wind blows.mp3Something to die for   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfRecto verso

TAG ON (D) Too strong to break (Beccy Cole)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Too strong to break  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfTag on

THE BOAT TO LIVERPOOL (D) Boat to Liverpool (Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3-boat-to-liverpoolmp3    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthe-boat-to-liverpool.pdf

THANKS A LOT  (D) Thanks a lot (Robert Mizell)     Where the wind blows.mp3thanks-a-lot.mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfthank-a-lot-.pdf

THATS MY KIND OF NIGHT  (D) Thats my kind of night (Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3That s my kind of night luke bryan   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfmy kind of night 

BOUNTY  (I) Bounty (Dean Brody)     Where the wind blows.mp3Bounty    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfBounty PDF

GOOD TIME GIRLS (D I)  Good time girls(Nathan carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3Good time girls mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfGood time girls

GET READY(I)  Fishing in the dark (Nathan Carter)     Where the wind blows.mp3 Fishing in the dark mp3  where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Get ready

PIANO MAN : Rock around the clock (Bill Haley)   Where the wind blows.mp3 rock.around.the.clock.mp3   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdf Piano man mg

AMERICAN KIDS(D)   American kids(Kenny Chesney)     Where the wind blows.mp3American kids    where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfAmericain kids 

RAGGLE TAGGLE GIPSY(D)   Raggle Taggle Gipsy (Derek Ryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3Raggle taggle gypsy   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfRaggle taggle gypsy o 

MEXICAN WIND (I)  Mexican Wind (Jann Brown)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Mexican wind MP3    home-to-louisiana.pdfMEXICAN WIND PDF

 *DANCE TO THE VIOLIN  (I)  Electric Daisy Violin (Lindsey Stirling) home-to-louisiana.mp3 Electric daisy violin   home-to-louisiana.pdfChoréPDF

 *FAKE ID  (A)  Fake ID (Big & Rich)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Fake id    home-to-louisiana.pdfFakeid

*MESSED UP IN MEMPHIS (I) Messed up in Memphis (Darryl Worley)  home-to-louisiana.mp3 messed up MP3   home-to-louisiana.pdfMessed up PDF

 *PEOPLE ARE CRAZY (D) People are crazy (Billy Currington)     home-to-louisiana.mp3  people are crazy    home-to-louisiana.pdfPeople are crazy

*BANJO (I)     Banjo (Rascal Flatts)     home-to-louisiana.mp3 Banjo    home-to-louisiana.pdfBanjo

 *DISAPPERAING TAIL LIGHTS  Disappearing tail lights (Gord Gamford)  home-to-louisiana.pdfDisappearing tail lights

*TALK IS CHEAP (D) Talk is cheap (Alan Jackson) home-to-louisiana.mp3talk is cheap home-to-louisiana.pdfCheap talk d home-to-louisiana.pdfTalk is cheap i

*LOST IN ME  / WAGON WHEEL ROCK (I) /  LITTLE WAGON WHEEL(D)   Wagon wheel (Alan Carter)

* SAILOR BOY (D) : Sailor boy (George Mc Anthony)  home-to-louisiana.mp3 sailor boy  home-to-louisiana.pdf Sailor boy

 * MY DEAR JULIET (I) : My dear Juliet (George Mc Anthony)   home-to-louisiana.mp3 my dear juliet home-to-louisiana.pdf My dear juliet 

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