DERNIERES DANSES  ! La 1ere de la liste est la derniere arrivée

JAUNE =VIDEO     BLANC =chanson(interprète)    ROUGE = MP3     BLEU = PDF CHOREE
RAISED LIKE THAT  : raised like that (James Johnston)    Raised like thatmp3    Raised like thatpdf
TEXAS HOLD EM  : Texas Hold em (James Otto)   Texas hold em james otto
                               : Texas Hold em (Beyonce)        Texas hold em Beyonce
I VE SEEN IT ALL : All I need to see (Mitch Rossel)  All I need to see mp3  Ive seen it all pdf
WHITE POPPY : White Poppy (Lédily Backwest)   White poppy  White poppypdf
DONE  : Done (Chris Janson)  Done mp3   Done pdf
CORN  : Corn (Blake Shelton) Cornmp3  Corn pdf
 MARTHA DIVINE : Martha Divine (Aslhley Mc Bryde)   Martha divine mp3  Martha divinepdf
1, 2 SNAP : Snap (Rosa Linn)   Snap mp3  1 2 snap pdf
THELMA & LOUISE  : Thelma & Louise (Anna Bergendahl)   Thelma and louise mp3  Thelma louisepdf
KNOCK OFF Knock off ( Jess Moskaluke)  KnockOff mp3  Knock off pdf
DUST   Nicajack (Trent Tomolinson)  Dust mp3  Dust pdf
GET UP (I) : Up (Olly Murs)   UP mp3  Get up pdf
BAD DAY TO BE A BEER (N) : Bad day to be a beer (Drake Milligan)   Bad day to be a beer  Bad day to be a beer pdf
ALASKA DREAM (D) : Blue wing (Tom Russels)   Blue wing  Alaska dream
DAYTONA SAND (I) Daytona Sand( Orville Peck)  Daytona sand mp3  Daytona sandpdf
NICKAJACK (N)  Nicajack (River road)  Nickajack mp3  Nickajackpdf
REUNITED (D)  Undived (Tim Mc Graw)  undividedmp3  ReunitedPDF
TRAIN WRECK (D)  Can(t let go (Jill King)  Cant let go jill kingCant let go Mp3    TrainwreckPDF
TIL YOU CAN'T  (I)  Til you can't (Cody Johnson)  Til you cantmp3Til you cantmp3     Tilyoucant Pdf
WHAT A SONG CAN DO (D)  What a song can do (Lady A)  What a song can domp3   What a song crazy songPDF
WINTERGREEN (D)  Wintergreen(East pointers) Wintergreenmp3  WintergreenPDF
JOHN HENRY (N)  John Henry(Blue Water band)  John henrymp3  John henryPDF
PICK HER UP (N)  Pick Her up (Hotcountrynights)  Pickherupmp3    Pick her upPDF
GONE WEST(N)  I've gone West(Gone west)    GonewestMP3 Gone westPDF
I GOT THIS TOO(I)  I got this(Jerrod Niemann)  I got thisMP3   I got this too frPDF
CHAMPAGNE PROMISE(D)  champagne promise(David Nail)  Champagne promiseMP3   Champagne promisepdf
TEXAS TIME(I)  texas Time(Keith Urban)  Texas timeMP3   Texas timePDF   PDF DEBUTANT

THE SOUTH(I)  Southern side of heaven(Buddy Jewell)   The southern side of heaven  The south pdf

NOTHING BUT YOU(I)  Nothing but you(Leaving Austin)   Nothing but you  Nothing but you

DESIRABLE (D)  Everybody(Chris Janson)    Everybody  DesirablePDF

DAMN (N)  Damn(Brett Kissel)    Damn mp3   DamnPDF

GHOST TOWN (D)  Ghost town(Sam Outlaw)    Ghost town  Ghost townPDF

LETS GO THERE (I)  Lets go there(Dan Davidson)    Lets go thereMP3  Let s go therePDF

COWGIRLS (I)  I wanna be a farmer( Sunny Cowgirls)   I wanna be a farmer   Cowgirls

WHITE WHISKY (N/I)  White Whisky( Didier Beaumont)    White whisky   White whiskypdf

WHISKY BRIDGES(D)  Whisky Under the Bridge( Brooks n dunn)    Whiskey under the bridge  Whiskey bridges

SWEET CAROLINE (D)  Sweet Caroline( Neil Diamond)    Sweet caroline single version  Sweet caroline

WOMAN AMEN(I)  Woman amen( Dierks Bentley)   woman amen   Woman amen

ANTHEM(N)  Anthem( Bret Kissel)   Brett kissel anthem  Anthem 2

ANTHEM (guylaine Bourdages) Anthem pdf (guylaine Bourdages)

BRING ON THE GOOD TIMES(D)  Bring on the good times(Lisa Mc Hugh)   bring on the good times Bring good times

DIANE(D)  Diane( Cam)   Diane Diane

CLEAR ISABEL(D)  Clear Isabel( Aaron Watson)   clear isabel Clear isabel

DAY OF DEAD(I)  Day of dead (Dave Bowen)   Day of the dead  Dayofthedead 

DIG YOUR HEELS(I)  Heres to you (Mc Clymonth)   Here s to you  Dig your heels 

YOURE ONLY YOUNG ONCE (D/N)  Youre only young ounce(Derek Ryan)    Youre only young once  Youre only young once

HIT THE DIFF(D)  Hit the diff (Richie Remo)   hit the diff   Hit the diff  Hit the diffcatalan

NANCY MULLIGAN (N) Nancy Mulligan(Ed Sheeran)   Nancy mulligan  Nancy mulligan

THINK OF YOU (N)  Think of you (Chris Young )    Think of you duet with cassadee pope   Think of you

GEORGE STRAIT (N)  George Strait (Meghan Patrick)    George strait mp3   George strait 1

LAST DANCE FOR ME (D)   Save the last dance for me (Emilou Harris)    save the last dance for me   Last dance for me fr

LONELY DRUM (N)    Lonely drum (Aaron Goodvin)    Aaron goodvin lonely drum   Lonely drum mg

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY(D)    Soggy Bottom summer (Dean Brody)    Dean brody happy happy   Happy happy happy

GOLDEN RING (I)    Golden ring (Terri Clark Dierks Bentley)      Golden ring terri clark dierks bentley  Golden wedding ring

GOOD ON YOU (D)    Good on you (Ward Thomas)       Good on you ward thomas good on you Good on you

GYPSY QUEEN (I)    Gypsy Queen(Chris Norman)      Chris norman gypsy queen  Gypsy queen

ON THE WAVES (D)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)      Walking on the waves  One the waves

GO FOR A WALK (A)    Walking on the waves(Shane Owens)      Walking on the waves  Go for a walk style catalan line dance mag

CHOP (D)    Shut up and fish(Maddie & Tae)      Shut up and fish  Chop

HOMEGROWN (D)    Homegrown(Zac Brown Band)      Homegrown  Homegrown

Temple bar (D)   Temple Bar(Nathan Carter)     Temple bar    Temple bar  Temple Bar (Chorée2)

GALWAY GATHERING (D)    Games people play(Nathan Carter)     The games people play   The galway gathering

BIG BLUE TREE (D)    Big Blue tree(Michael English)     Big blue tree    Big blue tree

3 DAYS ROAD (D)    3 Days Road(Wasboard Union)     3day road wasboard union    3days road

EVERYBODY KNOWS (D)    Everybodyknows(Dixie Chicks)     Everybody knows   Everybody knows

THINKIN COUNTRY (D)    What was I thinking(Dierks Bentley)      what was i thinkin    Thinkin country niv 1

Old beach roller coaster(I)   Roller Coaster(Luke Bryan)      Roller coaster   Old beach roller coaster mg

LAY LOW (N)    Lay low(Joss Turner)      josh turner lay low    Lay low pdf

MONDAY FOR TWO (N) Exceot for monday(Lorie Morgan)   except for monday   Mondayfortwo

BRING DOWN THE HOUSE  (D) Bring down the house (Dean Brody)      Bring down the house  Bring down the house

SPRINGSTEEN  (I) Springsteen (Eric Church)     Springsteen   Springsteen

THE BELLE OF LIVERPOOL  (D) The Belle of Liverpool (Derek Ryan)      The belle of liverpool  Thebelleofliverpool

CORN DONT GROW (DI) Where the corn don'tgrow (travis Tritt)     Where the corn don t grow    Corn don t grow

RECTO VERSO (DI) Something to die for (Fiona Culley)     Something to die for   Recto verso

TAG ON (D) Too strong to break (Beccy Cole)      Too strong to break  Tag on

THE BOAT TO LIVERPOOL (D) Boat to Liverpool (Nathan Carter)     -boat-to-liverpoolmp3    the-boat-to-liverpool.pdf

THANKS A LOT  (D) Thanks a lot (Robert Mizell)     thanks-a-lot.mp3   thank-a-lot-.pdf

THATS MY KIND OF NIGHT  (D) Thats my kind of night (Luke Bryan)     Where the wind blows.mp3That s my kind of night luke bryan   where-the-wind-blows-1.pdfmy kind of night 

BOUNTY  (I) Bounty (Dean Brody)     Bounty    Bounty PDF

GOOD TIME GIRLS (D I)  Good time girls(Nathan carter)     Good time girls mp3   Good time girls

GET READY(I)  Fishing in the dark (Nathan Carter)      Fishing in the dark mp3   Get ready

PIANO MAN : Rock around the clock (Bill Haley)    rock.around.the.clock.mp3    Piano man mg

AMERICAN KIDS(D)   American kids(Kenny Chesney)     American kids    Americain kids 

RAGGLE TAGGLE GIPSY(D)   Raggle Taggle Gipsy (Derek Ryan)     Raggle taggle gypsy   Raggle taggle gypsy o 

MEXICAN WIND (I)  Mexican Wind (Jann Brown)      Mexican wind MP3    MEXICAN WIND PDF

 *DANCE TO THE VIOLIN  (I)  Electric Daisy Violin (Lindsey Stirling)  Electric daisy violin   ChoréPDF

 *FAKE ID  (A)  Fake ID (Big & Rich)      Fake id    Fakeid

*MESSED UP IN MEMPHIS (I) Messed up in Memphis (Darryl Worley)   messed up MP3   Messed up PDF

 *PEOPLE ARE CRAZY (D) People are crazy (Billy Currington)       people are crazy    People are crazy

*BANJO (I)     Banjo (Rascal Flatts)      Banjo    Banjo

 *DISAPPERAING TAIL LIGHTS  Disappearing tail lights (Gord Gamford)  Disappearing tail lights

*TALK IS CHEAP (D) Talk is cheap (Alan Jackson) talk is cheap Cheap talk d   Talk is cheap i

*LOST IN ME  / WAGON WHEEL ROCK (I) /  LITTLE WAGON WHEEL(D)   Wagon wheel (Alan Carter)

* SAILOR BOY (D) : Sailor boy (George Mc Anthony)   sailor boy   Sailor boy

 * MY DEAR JULIET (I) : My dear Juliet (George Mc Anthony)    my dear juliet  My dear juliet 

 * WILD STALION  : Wild Stalion (Marrioti brothers)   Wild stallion   

 * ELT / Tush push  Every little thing (Carlene Carter)   Every little thing  

 * BLACK COFFEE  : Black coffee (Scooter lee)   Black coffee 

 * THE TRAIL : Trail of tears (Billy Ray Cyrus)   Trail of tears

 * GOD BLESS TEXAS  : God bless Texas ( )   God bless texas

 * CHILL FACTOR / COWBOY MADISON : Last night Madison ( Anderson)   Last Night Madison

 * RHYME OR REASON : It Happens (Sugar Land)   It happens   

 * DOCTOR DOCTOR : Bad case of loving you (Robert Palmer)   Bad case of loving you

* THE WORLD : The World (Brad Paisley)   The world


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